Winter Nutrients for my Chicks

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    My 3 Rhode island reds are still producing 2-3 large eggs each day even with 15 -20 below zero! I was asked what do i feed them and here is what I give my beautiful RIR each morning:

    3 cups of spent barley
    sprinkle 2 teasp of powder Kelp
    sprinkle 2 teasp of Azomite

    In the late afternoon I throw a few handfuls of cracked corn in their run so their bodies are busy digesting so it helps keep them warm during the freezing temp. Their coop is not big enough for a heat lamp. I had a 75 watt lamp in there but the girls would not go in at night with the red heat light i turned it off and the girls are happy.

    In their regular chicken food I add 1/2 cup Diatomaceous Earth (I have a large 2 lb feeder)
    They usually free range 2-4 hrs a day but since the cold weather came I can no longer let them slip and slide of pure ice so I keep them in their run which is floored with dried leaves from the fall.

    My girls are 10 months old

    Yes I also give them mealy worms as a treat a few times a day (morning and late afternoon)

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    IMHO, you're overcomplicating this thing of keeping chickens.
    RIR pullets should lay right through their first winter - almost no matter what you do.

    Mealworms are a great source of animal protein and I advocate that. Kelp gives some good trace elements. Spent barley could be a problem.

    You'll get the same results if you feed only a complete layer feed. Other things you provide offset the basic nutrition. We like to offer treats but, unless you're a poultry nutritionist, they're better off and it's cheaper for you, just giving chicken feed.

    I don't even know what azomite is.
    Off to google.
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    How do you add the Azomite....

    Azomite is a rock dust that has a broad spectrum of minerals.....

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