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    I just returned from a visit to Winter Park, FL. What a totally lovely town and absolutely cool area! The city mascot and logo is THE PEACOCK! Love it! Apparently the area has a long history of peacocks on a street called Genius Drive,(now Windsong Developement) Not so long ago. they had to contain the birds in a preserve which I guess is now closed to the public...sad face, people were harming the birds, taking feathers, accidentally hitting them with cars etc... I may not have my story correct, but that is what I gathered in my pursuit of answers while there. I'm sure people are still wondering who the crazy lady from Ohio was, asking all the weird questions about peacocks!
    The street signs all have a little peacock logo on them, the city vehicles have pretty colorful peacock stickers on them and everywhere there are peacock images or art. I was in heaven!
    The town even has an annual Peacock Ball!!!

    Unfortunately, I did not see a single live peacock. I even made my son drive surreptitiously down Genius Drive so I could look for peas. No sightings. I saw a facebook post from some one saying some peafowl regularly jump the fence from the preserve and lay eggs in their planters and garden. The picture of the offending egg layer was a beautiful Spalding! Would love to find out what happens to all those eggs or chicks.....? My son will be going to college in Winter Park next year......hmmmm.[​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
    I would love to hear from any one living in Winter Park or familiar with the area. I'm enchanted. Please, tell me every thing!

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