winter rations for breeding turkey flock


Oct 19, 2015
I like to get in a month or two worth of feed in the winter, so I don't run out during some bad weather event. I know if I don't stay ahead of the curve I will run out right then, no matter what! lol

So, ...thinking about stocking up, and I haven't had turkeys through the witner for awhile, so was wondering if anyone here would share suggestions as to how much to plan to feed turkey hens per day in winter, and what makes up your ration? They are free- ranged but stay mostly in a 50x60 pen. They have grazed and 'hogged off' most of the graze and root veggies, and burdock in there, so I figure they now need more than just some ear corn to supplement their diet and begin to condition them for laying in the coming spring. With winter weather coming on they will have even less access to bugs and worms so of course will need a change. I just can't remember how much I fed my last turkey flock. These are royal palm toms, and a royal palm x bourbon red hen.

Eventually I plan to build them a greenhouse that can be moved to give them versatile grazing space daily or at least weekly, lol

Oh, and I have an incubator, so would be thrilled to receive some eggs either gift, sharecrop, or barter.


12 Years
Jan 27, 2007
First off, just a reminder to get that hen her own digs (assuming you are in the Northern Hemisphere) before the toms start vying for her attentions, sometime in Feb. (one breeding tom, at a time, with the hen, will decrease her chances of being lacerated as the boys will otherwise all do their best to cover her at the same instant).

We pretty much feed the chooks and turks free choice. Our hens were hatching out a LOT of poults during the first six years so always had Purina Game Bird Flight Conditioner & Game Bird Starter on hand. Their primary feed (older poults - adults/chooks) is the Flight Conditioner, with an additional couple of cups of Starter during molts & when below zero. They also get a few cups of Black Oil Sunflower seeds, daily.

Had one Royal tom make it 8.5 yrs (went down owing to Wet Pox) and a Slate hen to 9 yrs (MI - heart markedly discolored, though not distended).
The three toms remaining (two Royals/one Royal/Slate) are all offspring of one or another generation (2/4/5 yr old). One 2.5 yr. old roo & a 10.5 yr old Black Sex Link hen (still looking good, expect she'll survive the winter).

Only mention the particulars on the ages as the feed has done no harm (type/amount). They get to forage all winter (on days when there is no wind - as human can focus attention on any preds that might show up against the snow).

They also get leftover cornbread and, if they're lucky, some torn apart grapes when available.

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