Winter requirements for Javas and High % Spaldings.


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Nov 16, 2011
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Hi, I was wondering if you guys could tell me a bit about the Winter Requirements for the Javas, and also what the requirements are for different % of Spaldings.
In My area it is between 20 and 30 for most of the winter at times it'll get down to single digits but usually not for too long.
Do 7/8 Spaldings and so on require the same care as Full Javas? At what % do they not require special care? Thanks
The more green blood they have the more heat they would need. I am not sure exactly what % would be safe from frostbite.
Here is a quote taken from Hopkin's Livestock Green Peafowl Care article:

"In areas where wintertime temperatures plunge well below freezing, additional heat should be provided to keep the building between 30 and 40 degrees F. A heated roost can also be used to keep their feet and legs from experiencing frostbite. Photos of the heated roost and how to build one can be found in the Peafowl Articles section of the web site. The heated roost consists of an electric heat tape attached to a 2 x 4 and covered with short, pile carpeting."

Here is the heated roost article on their site:

I guess if it doesn't get too cold all you would need is an insulated building large enough to keep them in for the winter.
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I can keep there building at that temp, I can also keep the draft down, Is it ok to allow them the choice to go outside if they wish when there is snow outside?
That is the part I am not sure about... I don't have to worry about snow here so I am not sure...

The main reason you have to keep them warm in the winter is their toes can get frost bite and their toes will fall off. Since the feet are the main thing to worry about I would be worried about them walking on snow. You might have to leave them indoors all winter. That is why the indoor area needs to be a fairly good size.

Here is some detailed information about an indoor area for green peafowl in the winter.
I may hook up some heat lamps out there for them also just to be safe, and also do the heated roost. Thanks for your help.
I may hook up some heat lamps out there for them also just to be safe, and also do the heated roost. Thanks for your help.

I got my peas from Craig Hopkins...he told me to NOT use a heat lamp as peas are notorious for knocking them down and setting barns on fire. So I made the heated roost. It was pretty easy:) this year I'm insulating too as my other barn stays ice free pretty much as long as it doesn't get -30...which it does here. I guess if you need a heat lamp you could put a cage around it so they can't fly into it?.
I use one of these in my green house it is an electric and does a great job keeping the temps above freezing, my green house is 16 X16 with 8 foot walls and 10 foot to the rafters, no insulation just heavy duty plastic.
Of course we don't get snow like you all do up there but this would be much safer.
ZAZ that is not a bad idea, I guess I ll do the heater roosts, and see how it goes. I'll post pic's of the birds soon.
Im turning in early so I will see them in the morning with my coffee

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