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    I am not sure if I shared a photograph of my newer coop with the forum at large, or not, so… Here is one from just a few days back. It started life as one of those pre-made factory sheds, and is 10 x 14 feet in size. I added the eves and the gabels, as well as the working end vents. Though they do work, and I think look nice, I use the space between the rafters to let in and out, new fresh air. There is also a twelve inch turbine vent on the roof, mostly to add a touch of animation to the building, the spinning of the vane adds a nice touch to the structure, and I suppose it does help with the ventilation of the coop. The main doors open to the south and there are no windows on the west and north, from which our cold winter winds and or storms come in from.

    I keep my banties in this building and they have weathered the winter, thus far, quite well. Love to go out and sit with the birds on those nice days with white snow on the ground, and beautiful blue skies above. Birds are a wonderful stress relief, and I feel just good for folks to have around. Besides who does not like fresh, homegrown eggs?


    Best to all of the members, and your birds…

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    That is one sweet little building!
    We don't get dark blue skies like that in Michigan.

    I too like the open soffits on a large overhang.

    Interior pics?
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    Hello aart,

    Well I have a view to share I suppose. This is my Banty coop and for the most part, I try to keep the LF out, but on occasion a hen or two will sneak into it.


    And a view of todays eggs… The wonderful winter weather is making me a bit giddy, should be -20 F with highs of 5. Instead we are having 65 F with lows of 25. Weird, but wonderful, feels like April.


    Best to all and your birds,

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