Winter sitting hen in VT

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    Jan 6, 2016
    A broody hen sitting on 4 eggs is new to me. I moved her into mini coop as other 6 hens were not tolerant of her. I purchased the fertile eggs. I have her in the garage but am still fearful that VT low temps will not be good so I moved her into cool room in the house. Was this wrong? Also she has not pooped in 4 days. Any suggestions?
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    The garage might have been fine, or even a separation pen in the coop would have been better, it's not the best time of year to hatch chicks but people say theirs have done fine with it, she should poop once a day when she gets off the nest to eat and drink and dust bath, which she probably can't do in your house.
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    I let a broody set last Jan/Feb, temps were brutal but we luckily had a thaw on hatch day..... worked out OK, but I would not do it again.
    She was separated from flock by a wire wall in coop, and I took down wall at 2 weeks past hatch for her to integrate chicks into flock.

    They need enough room to get out of nest and eatdrinkpoop stretch their legs once a day....if you don't see the evidence(you can't miss it) get her off the nest to do her thing then she'll go back. While she's off check the nest for poop and get it out if it's there.

    More info here,,
    lots of things and ways to manage a broody.

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