Winter Solstice and Laying

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    Apr 10, 2011
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    I'm in my first year of keeping laying hens, and nine of my ten pullets are laying pretty well, as I've read is to be expected in their first winter. I know the frequency of their laying is related to light (I have chosen not to supplement), but is it also related to temperature?

    In other words, I understand that I am experiencing a slowdown due to shorter days with less powerful sunlight (from 8 eggs/day to 6 eggs/day), but once winter solstice passes and the days begin to get longer, will I see an increase in egg production even as the weather remains cold (and gets colder!). Or will I need to wait for spring for improvement?

    It's not a huge deal; I'm happy with the eggs I'm getting. Just curious.

    For the record... I have 3 LBs, 3 BRs, 2 BOs, and 2 PRs (one of which has gone on strike), all about 9 months old.

    The benefit of you experience would be appreciated...
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    I think it really depends on the breed. The heavier breeds are more cold hardy and probably don't mind the cold at all. Where as the lighter breeds might not like the cold too much and lay a little less.

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