"Winter Survival "

Nov 11, 2020
West Virginia
Last week it ended up snowing 8 inches and it got down to 8 degrees outside and my girls were just fine. They started to walk out of the coop in the morning when I opened the coop door (still 8 degrees) and then they saw the white ground, looked around, and walked back into the coop. It was a bit comical. They never got off the ramp. I set their food and water inside the coop for a few hours, then they decided to venture out. I put straw down on the ground under the covered portion of the run (where there was little snow) and they seemed happy as could be. But they did not go near the snowy side of the run. The second day, I cleared them a path where they could see the green grass underneath and wherever the path was, they walked, so they came out of the run and into the yard for awhile eating grass, but they didn't venture into the snow at all. It was so funny watching them walk on the path only.
It was 7 degrees a couple nights ago and been bitter cold ever since but my chickens don't seem to mind. I have noticed they're searching for the sunniest spot in the run to hang out but because they don't get wet they don't mind the cold. Even their bedding is dry but frozen

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