Winter ventilation here in Southeastern, Kentucky

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    Feb 8, 2014
    If I leave the windows open that are open now is that enough ventilation here in Southeastern Kentucky? They will have a porch over them so that I can open them all the way for ventilation without getting rain and snow. They are facing South. Would the porch roof need the clear roof panels for the sunshine? I have 12 chickens.
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    You need to look at how the windows will work in relation to your roosts. Drafts should not be at bird level, vents high up, over the head of the birds is best. Your coop looks very nice, and for summer ventalition you look to have it covered, but for winter you need to put a discerning eye to work to determine if the birds will be chilled. Birds can take a lot of cold, but not if it is blowing on them. Dry, and draft free are very important to the chicken keeper in the colder months.

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