Winter ventilation in coop

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    Yet another question about winter. I read a lot of the past posts regarding winter preparations and a few mentioned proper ventilation but didn't really define 'proper ventilation'.

    My coop is 4x8 and aside from the windows on each end there is a gap under the eave where the roof meets the wall that I screened in for extra ventilation. I can't really close this vent but could rig something up for winter if needed.

    Obviously the windows will be closed when its cold so will the 'under eave' vent be enough for 'proper ventilation'? or should I install some more vents?

    Alot of the previous posts said that a draft-free, dry coop is all that is needed for winter and I'm counfused between 'draft fee' and 'proper ventilation'. Too many vents will let in drafts, too few vents and toxic ammonia can build up right?

    Also, the cracks around the windows and door are fairly wide (1/8 inch- the width of a circular saw blade) should these be sealed? Would this cause 'drafts'?

    What is adequate ventilation?

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    Quote:Good Question
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    I hope so cuz that's all I've got. My thinking is, heat rises so any exessive heat and moisture should escape thru the eaves vent.

    As for the cracks, if it's possible just shoot in some of that expanding foam that comes in a can. I've got a few of those "cracks" around the coop I built and that's what I plan

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