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    Now we have an larger coop, it was decided that we need to add ventilation for the winter months.... So we decided on cutting a holes in the upper areas of the sides and installing floor registers. These can be opened or closed as necessary and cost under $6 each @ Home Depot..... Have 2 facing south and will have 2 on an easterly wall which is fairly sheltered by the shed next to it.....

    Worth thinking about folks......

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    Yes, lots of people use them, indeed I used them in the very first chicken tractor I built. (Although if I had to do it over, I wouldn't use them again.)

    If you can find strong metal ones (or cover the plastic ones with well-attached hardwarecloth) and replace the metal ones when they start to weaken due to rust, and if you buy ENOUGH OF THEM (because they are just so darn small!), then if you like the look of them there is no reason not to use them.

    They are no *better* than homemade vent openings though, except if you have insufficient roof overhang and need the louvers to help minimize rain blowing into the coop.

    And you really do need quite a LOT of them to achieve decently good ventilation in a typical coop.

    Just a thought,


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