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Oct 25, 2020
Hey y’all I looked but I couldn’t find anything but is there a way to keep my chickens water from freezing but I don’t have electricity where the chickens are. Please help
We dont have electricity where our animals are. We run a long extending cord out to the water basins for the water heater. We live in upstate NY and we get really cold here. Its the only way ive found to keep their water from freezing.
I also run a hundred foot outdoor extension cord to both coops plugged into a WR GFCI outlet.

I use a heated base inside my well ventilated coops.

Outside I use 2 quart rubber bowls during winter season.

I empty when frozen and refill as needed.
I put them on the southeast corner of coops to get morning and midday sun.
Don't fill to top. On windy days it'll freeze quickly. GC

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