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    Sep 30, 2012
    I live in Washington State, and it don't get real real cold here. But I read some where that you have to keep there pond full of water even in the winter, Well there pond is a big kids swimming pool, I only have two ducks, but I keep fresh water in there for them all summer long, what is my trick for the winter time?

    Thank you all Edie
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    May 24, 2011
    On, Canada
    My ducks don't have access to a pond in winter, but they have to have access to water deep enough to dunk their heads, so we use heated water buckets. Now if you choose to keep a pond open you need a heater, floating can be an option check out a farm supply for options.

    PS; our "ponds" here are all kiddy pools too. A very common concept.
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    Sep 30, 2012
    That is a good idea, but I live in Washington State and it doesn't get cold enough here to worry about freezing there pond water, but I do have other information that I would like to add.

    The Diatomaceopous Earth, if anyone one is interested in it, I buy mine at Del's feed & farm in Auburn Washington. For a 50 lbs bag I paid 21.50 and that is the cheapest I have found. But yesterday I went and got me a bag, now what I did was I dumped- I would say less then half the bag in there big barrel I keep there feed in, then I mixed it up real good, then when I went out to collect the eggs, I sprinkled some in there nesting boxes and all over there floor that is covered with straw, or chip shavings, they don't seem to mind, but I did find a hen kinda dusting her self with it, I don't think my Chickens have mites, but how do you know, so I thought by doing this in there coops, it would be a good precaution .

    But I also have a cat, and two Corgi's one of my Corgi's has bowel and stomach problems, been through tests and tests and more tests, I can only give her Veterinarian dog food that actually has nothing it it but protein and all good stuff, to make a long story short, I read that you can give this to your animals as well, so I give her a teaspoon full every morning with her breakfast, she does not hesitate to eat it at all, I am keeping my fingers crossed that this might help her.
    My Bird gets some in her food as well as my cat in her food, then I sprinkle some in litter box, what a difference it makes, all though I change her littler box everyday, I don't care what anyone says, I feel it helps no urine smell at all, and to me that is a big plus.

    I also have a lot of health problems, Osteoporosis, Fibermialgie (SP) arthritis , I have always had to be medicated for all this, which I still am, but the thing I have noticed the most is, I don't hurt as bad, I am not kidding, this has helped me a lot, gives me a little more energy, and not quite as sore feeling. I use it faithfully,

    Just wanted to share this with everyone.
    Sorry so long, but I wanted to get it all in. I will always have Diatomaceous in my house, for me and my animals.
    Thanks for reading.

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