Winter Water


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7 Years
Mar 28, 2012
Hi. So this will be my first winter with the "girls". My question is regarding water. I will be picking up a warmer in the next couple days, as we've been having some really cold nights. My normal routine is to spray down the water container every day and fill with fresh water; but now I will be putting the hose away for the winter. What is the best way to keep their water container clean and fresh during the cold months?
I would buy a metal heated base so the water won't freeze, if you have a metal water. I have a plastic one and relies on the cap for the water not to overfill. I will use my milk containers and fill them up in the house and carry them to the back. Two gallons lasts mine for a day. Once a week, I take out a scratchy( it's round used to clean dishes) and scrub out the entire water container.

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