wintering turkeys in North East or in the colder climates


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Ok another turkey question......or questions about keeping turkeys ........
I have a few different pairs or trio’s of turkeys in-which I plan on keep through out the winter to see about breeding my own baby turkey chicks if they breed naturally which I have another post about that , anyway here goes ;

Ok I live in Ma. northeast of USA which get some what cold in the winter time

my 1st question is this ;
Do you keep your turkey in an out side run type pen with small shelter for them to get out of the cold or do you have a coop or so cal dog house type in closer for them to get out of the weather

2nd Q ; how big of a pen or out side run would you place a pair or trio of turkeys in, I know the bigger the better but the min space in which you could have happy and healthy pair of turkeys .

what about an out of the weather coop or sleeping/ laying egg quarters

Ok I have 5 different breeds now ...... really not looking to sell the eggs but what If I keep 3 or 4 of the breeding pairs together what size pen or run ........( yes I know they might or would be cross breeding but this is for personal use or should I say eating

4th Q – can all turkeys with stand the colder climates weather of the northern east during the winter time

I’m sure I’ll have more questions , but that will do it for now , Thanks ya’ll



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I"m new to turkeys, shouldn't really field your questions, but hope you get some info from folks in the know soon.

My turkeys (which are only poults) will live outside, in a fenced in half acre or so split into two pastures with a central courtyard.. the courtyard is where the range shelter with roost, a couple of nest boxes & food will be. There is also planned nesting areas along the tree line where we will have several ornamental grasses growing. The range shelter is 2 sided (the most exposed sides) and a 3rd side will be filled in with haybales when winter hits.

Turkeys are cold hardy but in the wild they get more & more scarce the farther north you go. Some turkeys seem to NEVER want to go into a coop type situation even in the NE, others seem to learn just fine.

Not sure where I got my numbers, buy numbers on my own personal notes dictate a minimum of 40sf per turkey in an enclosed pen NOT including "coop space"... if I were to ever make them live in confined quarters, that's what I would do.

Good luck...
I also think there is a difference between heritage turkeys & regular old fast food turkeys, but I'm not sure about those differences. All I know is the books I have for turkey raising don't seem to be geared toward heritage breeds too much.

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