winterizing our 10x18 garden shed turned into 10x10 chicken coop

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    Jul 20, 2010
    We live in central MA and are already having 30 degree days and 18 degree nights. Our 10x18 garden shed was converted to a 10x10 coop by building a knee wall and topped with chicken wire. The other side is for supplies. The shed sits 1 foot off the ground and has 2 gable vents. Also, the shed is about 8 feet tall. Should I: 1) stack hay bales around the ground opening to keep out cold 2) put plastic over the chicken wire divider. I'm waiting for a water heater and use a night light but no heat. My 6 gold lace Wyandottes (the sweetest girls in the neighborhood) are 6 months old and giving me 4 eggs/day. But I'm worried about winter.
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    Central MA
    Hi, I also live in Central MA [​IMG] Welcome to BYC!!

    Does your coop have a wire floor? If yes, then putting straw/hay bales down on the ground would help keep cold out.

    I'd definitely put the plastic up on the wire wall that divides the supply section from the coop section. It'll help them to retain some heat.

    Heated waterers are great. Mine have been plugged in for almost a week now.

    As long as you have adequate ventilation and they are protected from wind/snow/rain they should be fine. I don't use heat in my coops. Letting them acclimate is most beneficial to them.

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