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    Apr 12, 2016
    hello every one as yiu all know winter has begun for half the united states....
    we just bought an electric water heater thank goodness cuz it kept freezing. i have read all the wonterizing tips but i still feel for all my babies outside. they seem to be doing on but it not yet hit single didgets yet here in chicago.

    I was considering a flat panel any one with experience with this or possible a heated perch does any one know about this???

    my son wants to put an all out heater in there but i flat out refuse for reasons I have read about. Our coop is insulated and closed up with ventilation coming thru .... [​IMG]

    advice plaeas
  2. Heated roosts are not needed..........2x4s work great as roosts, flat side up....they lay on their feet to keep them warm....

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    Chickens don't need heat.
    They evolved from Red Jungle Fowl that have a home range all the way into the Himalayan foothills. That means they are adaptable to a wide range of climates.
    Most of the breeds we raise, were developed in cold climates. 200 years ago, they didn't provide heat and they are still alive.

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