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    I'd imagine free ranging your birds isn't so practical in the wintertime. I've got a barn where I imagine the birds would be content staying inside in bitter cold, but I could be wrong and I'm sure they'll make their preferences known.

    If the weather is cold enough to keep them indoors, and therefore always eating feed, do I want to raise crickets or worms to supplement their diet? Do I want to bring them some other meat products for treats? Daily? A few times a week, several times a amonth?
  2. After checking the local website of Circle Pond Farm, we realized we could make outdoor platforms beyond the pop door so the girls could go out even on a snowy day. We'll need a metal waterer with a heater under it that keeps the base of the waterer at 50 degrees Fahenheit.

    If you have predator-free barn space that's a huge bonus, be sure to check for wintering raccoons and other predators in the hay and in high places among the rafters. Predators often invade barns with chickens for easy winter feeding, so if you plan to exercise inside, you might consider making a roofed pen with 1/2" hardware cloth.

    I plan to give treats over the winter in addition to layer feed and to keep that feed well-sealed from other beasts!

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    Here in western WA, we can get really cold at times... last few winters we had 15 degree F a few times [​IMG]

    I spoil my girls tho....they get warm mash in the am or oatmeal, and again in the afternoon. This is mixed with their layer its really just a warmed up bit of their regular food. I also make sure that they have access to plenty of the pellets mixed with corn and sunflower seeds to nibble on during the day. In the evening, before roosting, they get a warm treat of oats and corn, with a bit of milk. They seem to do really well with it!! I pick it up before it gets dark and they all go to bed.

    I also try to make sure that they have plenty of fresh greens and fruit to nibble on as well to cut down on boredom on the few times they have to be kept coop bound due to weather.

    They also have their own treat they get mealworms once or twice a week...they dont last long !!

    Seems to work well [​IMG]

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