Wire run top...who has pictures?

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  1. This will be my 2nd winter with my chickens. [​IMG] I have an 8x8 coop that held 15 chickens last year. In December, I lost two birds in the run due to predators...the first was a fox that climbed the run (2x4 welded wire) and got inside and then two days later, a hawk killed another bird! The poor birds were pretty much on coop lockdown then as I couldn't be outside to babysit them [​IMG] This summer we installed an electric fence around the run, two strands about 2 foot high and then again at 4 foot high (it is a 6' fence). This should help deter the fox...now for the hawks! We are unable to use a solid roof on the run, and due to snow, the aviary netting I used this summer will be useless. I believe I once saw where someone made a 10" or so grid from fencing wire over the top of the run....anyone have any pictures? How useful has this been for the builder...any casualties? Thanks for your help!!

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    I don't have pictures but my 10'x10' run is totally enclosed--w/ chain link fencing and hardware cloth around the bottom and on the gates... My dh spaced 2x6, w/ the 6" flat, arcoss the top to support the fencing.. where the fencing is joined he placed another 2x6 over the seam and put bolts every 10" the lenght of each board and screws in between to prevent any predator from pulling it out..
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    Here is mine! The entire top has chicken wire on it!

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    Dixiedoodle, if there is anyway you can get pics of your run, I would be soooo appreciative. That is exactly what I want to do. Or if you or your husband would be willing to explain to me in very simple terms, lol (think run building for dummies) that would be awesome. Is your run good against predators? we have so many here!
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    The ten inch spaced wire doesn't need to be strong or super solid. It just has to be there so that the birds of prey will see it. They will never go into your run again because they have to be able to swoop and you just can't swoop when there is wire. This worked for owls also. You can do a grid and crisscross wires but it is unnecessary. Simple wire ( a bird can easily see 10 gauge) run straight across the coop about 10 inched to a foot apart. Good luck!
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    They can see 17 gauge wire easily for a fraction of the price of #10 (and weight). It is electric fence wire and cheap, $30 for half a mile of wire. Mason line works too (lumber yard).
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  7. Quote:Just a straight run would be great! Half the wire of the grid.. [​IMG] Thanks!

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    Here is mine. You can't see the wire top but it was easy to do. The run is 10x10. We measured off about 10 feet of welded wire and secured one end to the top of the run, then secured the other. We used cable ties for convieninece, it can be reinforced with wire ties later.

    We got the tarp top for the kennel, which came with the middle bar you see supporting it. There is wire attached that comes down and is attached to the wire ceiling, creating kind of a "suspended" wire roof.


    I'll try and remember to take some better pics of it tommorrow. It was easy to do with 2 people. 1 person could do it though if needed.
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    OK, I have some better pics. Here is a front overhead view, you can see the reflection of the wire. The pole that goes down the middle that supports the tarp has some wire that runs from it to the wire where it overlaps. You can also see the hardware cloth apron.

    I cut the welded wire into approximatley 10 foot lengths and overlapped a square, then zip tied them together. Well, first I attached the ends with zip ties.

    Here is the top of the pen above the door. You can see how the roof wire is cable tied. I used a lot of cable ties because it was quick and easy. I am planning on reinforcing with wire ties to ensure a heavy predator can't pull it off. I really don't see how though, I had plenty and I used them. The pen doesn't even rattle.


    Here is a differant view of the "seam" and how the overlap is attached.

    I should add that I did this while inside the pen, one strip at a time. Then I would get another length, overlap and fasten one end, then fasten the other. You kind of have to match up the squares to make it nice and flat but it was pretty easy to do.

    Kennels make good runs and are easy to secure, at least for city folk. I'm surprized more people don't have them. I made a chicken tractor first, it was a lot harder and more expensive! I still need to tweak mine, I need a better coup, and I want to put up better shade material. Harbor frieght has a black shade tarp meshy thing that I'm thinking of getting. I also am thinking of sand.
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    That's mine before it was finished. We put 2x3s every 32 inches or so and put 36" chicken wire in between each of them. I can get a picture of the finished product if you'd like [​IMG]

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