Wiring a Chicken Coop for Winter


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May 8, 2013
I am at the stage where I need to wire lights/outlets in my coop so their water will stay unthawed & they will have some light in the winter, but don't even know what to buy for lights when i go to the hardware store. I have not clipped my chicken's wings & don't plan to so I am concerned they could fly into the lights & hurt themselves. What kind of light fixtures are recommended & how does one set those up on a timer? Thank you!
Below is a good fixture for inside the coop. Do a search for Cookietin water heater, for a good cheap way to keep your water fount unfrozen. I built one for under $5, and have used it for the last three winters, and it works good for me. I don't have any lights set up on a timer, and I get eggs all winter. But if I was to use a timer, I would enclose it in a box of some kind to keep the chickens and the environment for messing it up.

For a light I just used an 18" long fluorescent under cabinet light attached to the wall. That way it produces light, but not heat and I don't have to worry about dust build-up catching fire or my birds flying into it. I have it on a timer to kick on at 3:30 am and off at 8:00 am.

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