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    I need some help with wiring my power antenna to work as an actuator and open and close the coop door...I have the door made with a sliding board that raises and lowers withn the antenna...the weight is not the issue...slides real easy...where I am having an issue is when I attached the second power supply...with a single adapter it runs like a charm both up and down...the adapter has a polarity button so with that unit plugged in it runs perfect both ways...this is all in bench test form right now ...using aligator clips I attach a second adapter with the polarity reversed...the idea is that in the morning the digital timer goes of at 6;00 the antenna retracts pulling the door up like a guillotinne...than at 6;01 the timer goes off and the door remains open all day...a second timer goes off at 9;00pm and the antenna extends allowing the wooden door to slide down a track and cover the exit hole for the night....when I attach the second adapter the power level drops dramaticly...it doesnt seem to matter that the "not in use" adapter is not even plugged in...there are only 2 wires coming from the antenna and there are only 2 wires from the adapters...so why would adding the second one cause the huge power drain....I just joined here so lets see how good you all are
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