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    May 12, 2016
    South Central Wisconsin
    Finally getting involved in the forum after reading tons of threads on coop suggestions and breeds. We ordered 9 chicks from a local hatchery in Beaver Dam and in the same week accepted 4 Brahmas from a relative that was moving out of state. After about a month, something broke into the coop and killed three of the hens. The last hen was acting strange - I assume from stress... so we integrated the 5 week old chicks in with her (after redoing the fencing to keep the predators at bay). I checked in on the birds regularly and found that the chicks were thriving. They were using the poultry nipples within minutes and our hen, Gertrude, wasn't too aggressive towards them either. Finally, this morning during chores, i found all 10 birds dead in the coop. 8 of the chicks heads were pulled through a 3/4 inch gap next to the ramp and the hen and other chick were laying dead on the floor a few feet away... I am devastated. We live right next to a creek and haven't noticed any issues before, but all of the sudden, we lost 13 birds in a week. Live traps haven't turned up anything yet, but we shall see in the coming weeks.

    In the mean time, i'm planning on upgrading the run fencing with hardware cloth and changing the way the ramp closes to be sure the new birds will be safe. Now this leads to my main reason for posting - does anyone breed birds in Wisconsin? We are hoping to find Black Brahmas or Black Jersey Giants if at all possible. We really like the looks of the darker birds. Any help is appreciated.
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    You might want to post this on the Wisconsin threads.

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