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    Sep 1, 2010
    Albion, Wisconsin
    Evening All!
    Were to start? Everyone is going great but the meaties are rather put out that I placed the feed and water where they have to work for it. Hehe!
    Went to Menards today to pick up on some supplies to stock up on and got a chance to look at their fruit trees. I think I'm going to plant 2 or 3 more apple trees and I think we'll need to replace a cherry tree. I have a Sweet Sixteen and a Honeycrisp apple trees right now, but I think I'll add a Courtland and either a Snow White something or/and another Honeycrisp. I adore Honeycrisp apples. Courtland's are make the best apples to dehydrate.
    They also had a plum tree but I'm not a huge fan of plums...

    After Menards, we went to the Good Will store and DH found one other those galvanized circular chick feeder pans for.....49 cents! He found it in the candle section! LOL!!

    Then we went to the dollar store and then we came home.

    Dh tilled the garden while I was going to mow. My riding mower would not start so I'll have to call Sears. I would turn the key but nothing happened.[​IMG] I'm hoping it's the battery....Anyway, I got out the Husquavarna push mower got that running and atleast mowed the fenced in dog yard. That made me feel better. I thought I'd not have to mow until May if I was lucky but nope! Ah well! Everyone in the hole neighborhood mowed today....all except for me! As usual!

    Now I'm ready to go to bed!
    Have a great night!
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    Mar 9, 2012
    SCentral Sconny

    Loved hearing about your Roo's shenanigans, Tiki. Thanks for the smile on my face [​IMG] Also fun hearing about the blue eggs! ooooooooo!

    Gad, Amy and BigFam am I sorry you guys get to clean up. Magically my 4 year old never indulged in poopy painting. Phew! Dodged a bullet!

    I've been battling hardware cloth today. Slowly but surely it's getting on that chicken tractor. YAY! Hugsband got me a pneumatic stapler! [​IMG] 1 inch staples! They're not budging! I sure do love that man.

    Nuh Nights everyone!
  3. babylady4

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    Mar 30, 2009
    Central WI
    Nothing is worse than waking up at 2 AM to find your 1 1/2 yr old playing in her own personal play-dough...... cleaning a crib with turned spindle bars is NOT fun, nor is trying to clean feces from the hair, nose, hands, essentially the entire body of a small child. I recall giving her three baths just to get rid of the smell..... I also woke up DH and gave him a choice: Kid or crib. I think I got off easy since he chose the crib.

    Took the girls to see Hunger Games; not a kid friendly movie so if you have squeamish kids do not take them. Both girls loved it!

    If you live near the Wolf River area (or plan on visiting), the Sturgeon have started to spawn. We had to drive very carefully on the way in and on the way home from the movie since there were so many people along the shoreline watching the fish.

    Time to check out pinterest......
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    Hey Everyone! We had a busy day here too. Cut lots of trees and stacked and dragged branches for (it felt like) 300 miles! None of the piles wanted to burn today...even with "help." At least we got someof them down before they were totally leaved out. The goats got allthe trimmings and they will decimate them. THey LOVE trimming days. Got all the dried stuff out of the garden too...the soild was actually warm to the touch!

    I have decided that Monday will be bread baking day...tomorrow is the first one. I am going to make several GF selections for the week. Then I will be able to have some all week. I made Peanut butter cookies yesterday and they are very good. I am going to take the rest of them and make sandwiches with Nutella in between! MMMM!

    Well, my legs are crazy tonight...I need to get them up into bed. CHores first! Talk tomorrow...sweet dreams! Terri O
  5. jvls1942

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    Oct 16, 2008
    Hi again,, I forgot,, I mended the hole in the lean to wire.. I screwed a piece of peg board over the whole section.. little by little, I am covering the lower section with solid boards.,. (as the wire gets pushed out)

    somebody mentioned plum trees.. Remember, you have to plant 2 plum trees or you won't get any plums..

    If anybody ever wants black walnuts to plant, let me know in the fall.. I usually have lots of black walnuts.. last year we did not even bother to pick them up.. but the squirrels didn't let many go to waste.. Just remember, black walnut trees kill most other trees (and other plants) within their branch reach , plus a few feet more.. my trees wiped out my very well established 100 ft row of asparagus, an oak tree, a few apple trees and a butternut tree.. so far the two cherry trees don't seem to be affected.. and some pines are OK..

    My two soft maples are doing OK, but they might be just too far out of reach.. and my one blackberry patch is thriving in the partial shade of the nut tree..

    Yeah Brent,, the PERFORATED plastic bags for carrots.. and the darker the better for potatoes.. we keep ours in the windowless fruit cellar in dark bags that let no light through the fabric.. In past years, we tried plastic milk crates.. by the time spring rolled around I literally had to cut the crates apart because the shoots were over 2 feet long and growing throughout all the stacked up crates.. those potatoes are NO GOOD for seed.. all the "push" is used up already..

    It felt cold when I locked up the birds at dusk.. even the peahens wanted to go in..

  6. jvls1942

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    Oct 16, 2008
    I bought one of those 1/4 inch staplers just for welded wire.. one of the smartest moves I ever made..

    I have a 4 ft x 8 ft cage that has only a partial floor in it.. I use it for small ducks or chicks and move it to fresh grass every day or two.. I am thinking of putting 1 x1 inch welded wire on the rest of the bottom I figure the chicks can still eat the grass through the holes.. then I can put wheels on it and move it easily without crushing the tiny birds..

    I am also thinking of dividing the guineas into two flocks.. I want to segregate the white ones during egg laying season for awhile.. I will pen up the white ones and let the rest freerange for tick control..

    I just thought of something I saw on TV a couple of days ago.. Rachael Ray from 30 Minute Meals took her "Moran" eggs out of the fridge.. they looked quite white to me.. Do Morans lay white eggs ??

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    Mar 12, 2012
    southwest wi
    I've never had to deal with it with my kids either. At least the 3 that are already potty trained. The baby is only 6 months and I don't necessary foresee it being a problem with her either, but ya never know! We cosleep too so I've never had the pleasure of walking into a nursery where a kid took off a diaper and smeared it over the walks. LOL The moment they're awake, I'm awake so no such surprises. [​IMG]

    I decided to go ahead and plant stuff outside today so I moved my lettuces and tatsoi out and threw down a few spinach seeds. I'm not really out much if they don't take. It's still so early that there is plenty of time to replant. Do you all stake peas? I've never grown peas before cause I'm the only one that likes them, but I figure the baby might like some this summer and I'm also growing some stuff as a barter with someone to score a family photo session this fall from them. Also, what's the best tomato cages? The ones we used last year couldn't bear the weight of our tomato plants and fell over. Granted, they were the biggest bushiest tomato plants I've ever grown in the 6 years I've been growing, but still, I'd like something sturdier than the standard round tomato cage from menards.

    We were supposed to get our new coop today but the guy keeps making excuses of why it's taking longer and longer to build. It was supposed to be done last weekend, then it was early this week, then it was saturday or sunday. Now it's maybe monday. [​IMG] thankfully we haven't had anymore chicken losses....yet. I'm wondering when the weasel will get tired of raiding the trap for the old dead chicken carcass and go after some more fresh meat. [​IMG]

    Well, night all!
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    Aug 25, 2010
    Rural Brooklyn, WI

    Wait wait wait...
    I think some of my chickens eggs and those that Kristi have are oddly enough..
    IN the Foolish hatch.
    WOW... kewlies!

    I made chicken and pork jambalaya, canned chicken that we had for a bit and didn't use, and some pork chop suey (it was just cube pork chop). A box of zataran's and added in some butter beans, plus alot of spices!!
    And for dessert I made home made strawberry glaze for strawberry short cake!! Just add strawberries and angel food cake, oh and the glaze!
    DH husband loved all so much he is having it for lunch tomorrow.
  9. jvls1942

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    Oct 16, 2008
    One last post and then hitting the shower..

    Brent you said it.. Use the knife and saw..

    Annie bought a pork tenderloin a couple a weeks ago.. I sliced it quite thin.. I do not like thick pork chops.. I think we got 7 or 8 meals out of that one piece of meat.. oour own potatoes, our own frozen creamed style corn or diced beets and saurkraut..

    watch for sales on those large pieces of meat..

  10. Celtic Chick

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    Apr 7, 2011
    SE Wis
    Everyone is making me hungry with their delish dinners! When did you have time to cook???? We were out doing yardwork all day. [​IMG]

    I did have time to take a few better pics of Jack. The one great thing about him being so old is he doesn't move fast & blur the pictures. [​IMG]

    So here he is hamming it up:




    The teenagers are now all officially bigger than he is.

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