Wisdom needed for incubatng turkey eggs !

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by lynn1961, Mar 6, 2012.

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    Wow, was surprised to read that turkey hens lay 60 to 100 eggs per season. That they are not great mothers, got to thinking about that, and know that there is no way I need a potential 100 more turkeys !
    I asking for some wisdom on incubating turkey eggs and rearing turkey poults. Incubating chicken eggs and rearing chicks I have down petty good, but turkeys will be a new experience. So please lay some wisdom on me !
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    Incubate at 99-100 degrees, turn 3 times a day, you can candle after the 10th day. It takes 28 days to hatch, once hatched you need a brooder box. Mine consists of a Rubbermaid bin, pine shavings, and a water and feeder. You need a light on them and keep the temp at no less than 98 degrees. After each week decrease temp by 5 degrees. On my brooder box the lid for the bin I cut a big hole in lid and stapled chicken wire to it( so they can breathe). I personally won't put mine outside until they are about 1 1/2 months old.

    Once babies hatch keep them in the bator until they are completely fluffed them transfer them over to you brooder box that is already up to temp. Introduce them to the food and water. Tip on water you have to put marbles in where they drink because they will drown themselves. Turkeys are very stupid birds!
    Hope this helps.

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