Wish me luck!!! 20K race in the morning.

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Tomorrow at 0700 I will begin a 20K trail race. The 20K isn't the issue as I run all the time anyway. The deal is that it's a TRAIL race. It takes place in my favorite place, Mission Trails Regional Park.
The race starts easy enough, nice flat grasslands, for about 1.5K then goes up and up for another .5k (Kuaaypay mt.) then down the other side. back across the grasslands then at 6k it's up, up, up again between the North and South Fortuna Mt. (The Saddle), down the other side. THis is no joke it's REALLY steep! The mountain bikers nich-named this portion "ball bearing hill" The last time I was there, I got to the top, kicked a rock AND IT ROLLED BACK DOWN THE HILL!!!

Then at 12K the hard part starts, The trail goes UP the South Fortuna Mt. Down the other side and back to the Saddle.
Then the rest of the race is back through the grasslands and is relatively flat (thank god).

Anyway, If you don't want to do the math 20K is about 12. some odd miles. But again, it's not the miles...it the up and down hills that's gonna suck buttermilk.
Oh wow I admire you so much! wish I could run..... not that I dont want to, just these old knees won't let me
and good luck.... your a winner!
Have you run the course before, or something similar?

I've run three 15k's and trained with my dog, most of the time. We always stopped for water and rest, at 5 and 10k... Quess what? During the real race, that's exactly where my body was demanding a break.
Woohoo. I did the Brasstown Bald Buster. It is the tallest point in Georgia. Their slogan was "a little ol' 5K run with just one hill" All of it was uphill. Nothing level and nothing downhill.

I also did a 8 mile trail run that had a creek crossing shortly after you got started. So you either stopped and took off your shoes and then put them back on once you crossed. Or you wore them across and than ran 8 miles in wet shoes. After the creek it was a uphill mountain climb and then down hill. Then a short level run.

Hope you have a blast.

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