Wish me luck! (Update!)


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12 Years
Mar 5, 2007
Phoenix, AZ
I have my first vet school midterm tomorrow. I am very, very nervous, but I have been studying since the beginning of the week (Well, technically the beginning of the semester!) I managed to pass the quarter term quiz so I'm hoping to do the same on the midterm. The amount of info we need to learn is overwhelming sometimes though! I would love to get an "A" but it seems vet school is more about passing and understanding the material than it is about the grades.

So, wish me luck! I am looking forward to getting some time away from studying after the test tomorrow. The break won't last long though! Only five weeks till the final!
I'm nervous just reading this, hope all is well.
Thanks guys! Had the midterm Monday it was very, very difficult. I will be really happy if I pass, especially since I studied so much for it! If I passed, I'm sure I'll be back to let ya'll know!
Almost forgot to let you guys know!


I even did better than I expected. I improved by about 10 points from my quiz. If I can pull off the same or better on my final, I will be ecstatic!

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