Wish people wouldn't abuse Government Authorities!

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  1. Quote:That's what I ment by when they release the name. Sorry if I didn't type that right.
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    I can certainly feel sorry you are going through this. My question here is WHY is someone like you targeted and my danged stepdaughters mom is ignored time after time that CPS has been called. She is on drugs, disappears for WEEKS at a time, and they do nothing, and then taret someone who has nothing to hide like you. I do not understand.
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    1-800-86abuse goes right to tallahassee. Then they contact local DCF. She just did it yesterday. I am in polk county but she called the abuse hotline. Hummm now i am curious!

    You should call the DA, this is becoming a game! I am sure local law enforcement and DCF will not be please by this. That costs tax payers $$$
    What a jerk! Sorry you have to go through this!
  4. Quote:I have no idea. World works in weird ways that are not always fair.

    I have a lawyer already. Same one that dealed with my husband's car accident has said he is willing to help us out with this situation. ( He is also a real good friend of ours). He deals with variety of laws so he's good to have around. Husband already called him up on Friday after his dad telling him something is going to happen next week. He told us to let the Children's Service evaluate our house (AGAIN) but to say nothing to them but to tell them to contact the lawyer himself.
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    The authorities have no choice but to investigate a report.

    Tell the authorities what you suspect is going on, with regard to the "revenge" reporting. They are not likely fools, and they've likely seen this before. Be polite and civil. Understand that they *must* follow up on reports, it's their job. Get on their good side.

    - Ask them for a copy of their written report regarding their visit. Get this every time they come out.
    - Write a letter to the authorities indicating that you believe your relative is filing reports to harass you, each time you are investigated.
    - Attach a copy of the agent's report for their most recent visit, every time you write to the agency, showing that no issue was found.
    - Indicate in your letter how many times you have been reported only for no issue to be found.
    - Do this each time you have a visit due to a "revenge" reporting.

    Once you build up a track record of these "no problem found" visits in response to being reported, ask the authorities to investigate the relative for filing false reports. That should put a stop to it. If not, you've got a body of evidence to see a lawyer about taking civil action against the relative.
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    Quote:Sage advice ..... well done
  7. thanks wombat, i am going to do that.

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    Quote:YAY! good for you, and keep us all posted as to how it goes.... good luck and [​IMG].... you will be the winner in this fight!
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    I'd add that you should always be calm and polite when dealing with the autorities. When you write to them, take a somewhat apologetic tone, and indicate that due to your relative's behavior, you feel obligated to write to them to get the false reporting on record. Never be confrontational. Just keep up the stance that you are raising your children properly, the authorities have repeatedly confirmed this, and you're dealing with a problem relative who is filing false reports for revenge. Don't complain, don't threaten, just be civil, report the facts, and build up that paper trail.

    Good luck.

    I've got a friend who's been dealing with a problematic, drug-using ex-wife for the past three years. It's taken time, but he's been patient, and has won out in the end. She's about done in by her own behaviors towards him over their children, with the courts, etc, and he's taken the high road throughout. Justice can be sadly slow, but it usually comes out right in the end. She's about a court apperance or two away from losing all parental rights, which is sadly necessary, given her meth habit and criminal behaviors. It's sad that it's taken him nearly three years to deal with her, but it's gonna work out.
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    Quote:Ya know, thats what bothers me about it all too! It seems the crack heads can keep their kids as long as they can fake a drug screen (which is easy for them to do, trust me!) but innocent people keep getting harrased! UGH!

    OP: So sorry that this is happening! Press harrasment charges aganist the people that are making the false accusations!
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