Wish people wouldn't abuse Government Authorities!

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    The authorities are not harassing people when they investigate them. Just because YOU know that you are a good parent does not mean that they know it. Most bad people look and publically act perfectly normally--you would have no idea that in private they are abusive monsters.

    So, don't take it personally that you have been investigated. Wombat has some very good advise.

    Also, I would stop allowing the suspected family member into your home for any reason, and would certainly recommend avoiding him/her. Are you sure your FIL is not involved?
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    I know one thing for sure, I would be calling the authorities on my wife for physical abuse if I ever tried to brood 15 chickens in the living room again using peat moss for their bedding. Then again, maybe not; I'd be dead.

    If someone were repeatedly falsely turning me in for "abusing" my children, I'd insist on their claims being investigated/considered as criminal activity.
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    Quote:No..the authorities are not harrasing..
    But the false accuser is harrasing these people. And i'd be pressing charges aganist them.
  4. I have no idea if FIL is involved. If he is, things are not going to look very pretty. He is on a very thin piece of thread right now that is just barely hanging.

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