Wishard Bronze Turkey Eggs

I won 15 eggs + extras !

Boy will the hubby kill me ! Got them for $31 plus shipping.
Me to. They are nice looking and hubby likes the "wild type" look price was right and with that many eggs I have better chance hatching some. First time hatching turkey eggs. They are naturally mating and can raise their own young and winter hardy. NPIP Flock too.
Now watch just cuase I got lucky and found them right as the time ran out I'll win the High Dollar ones I really Like too. I'll be sleeping with the birds!
Thank you everyone.
Just hope I can get some of the 15 to hatch. Praying PO is nice to me.
Jimsfarmstand don't think I have forgot about yours.
Just that these ate more what the hubby talked about. So hoping that he wont be to mad.
Now once I have them and he gets use to seeing and having turkeys well that's when a few more breeds just show up.
Yes I know that's not fair,but everyone knows what us wives do and can do to get what we want!

I'm glad they are a heritage breed (hopefully) as that is what I wanted to get I'd I got some turkeys.

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