Wishing I'd had the camcorder...

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  1. The weather here is Mass. is getting into the 80's, so our three have been spending the warm part of the day in their run (they go back to the brooder at night.) They seem to love these "field trips"; the BO was the first to discover dust bathing and I swear she has the same expression I get when I have a massage! And her EE sister scratches for bugs like there is no tomorrow.

    Every time she found an earthworn she would run amok, chirping at the top of her lungs in triumph. And then she'll throw her head back and eat the darn thing in one or two gulps. Honest to God just watching them is the funniest thing.... [​IMG]

    ..we are SO glad we did this!

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    yea i bet they are funny to watch,who needs tv? this is my entertainment! thats funny and cute!
  3. I love watching the birds when they find that treasured treat of food, or the dirt to take a bath in...
    Even our babies...Right now I have 2 cages in the house. I take outside daily. And when I first put the dirt in there for there baths...You would of swore they died and gone to chicken heaven....
    Even the turkeys...(which I wasn't sure if they took dust baths or not), were in heaven....

    I drop any bugs/woodticks I find into the baby chicks cages and they go wild for it...There is one that tries to get to it before any of the others. When it sees my hand coming towards the cage it's right there hoping to be the first one...

    All the big girls love following me into the garden when it's time to weed...Boy do they find the treasures out there...

    I think we need a little smilie of a chicken getting the earthworm......ahahahah [​IMG]

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