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    [​IMG] Hello all!
    I have 2 Welsh Harlequin ducklings that my lady duck hatched out herself.
    One seems totally healthy, eating drinking running around etc.
    The other one, however, is rather wobbly all the time. Still eating and drinking just fine, growing as fast as the other, but constantly wobbling her whole body back and forth all the way up to her head. She can get around, but rather slower than the other duckling, and she falls over onto her back a lot and takes a few seconds to right herself.
    However, she's a phenomenal swimmer, I can't tell the difference between the two when they're in the water.
    She did have with what looked like a minor head injury when I first noticed her, looked like a patch of a few feathers got ripped out rather early on after hatching, but that seems to be healing up just fine.
    The two are almost 2 weeks old, and wobble has been like this the whole time.
    Could it have potentially injured her brain or her ear bones (which are supposed to be used for balance?)
    I don't believe it's a niacin issue, the feed has niacin incorporated into it and I added some extra brewer's yeast to it just to be sure.
    Has anyone else ever had a duckling like this?
    Any help or ideas is much appreciated, Thank you guys!

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