"Wobbly" hen???

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    Feb 11, 2013
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    I have a hen that I found sitting in my yard a few days (almost a week) ago when I went out to feed the chickens. She had been pecked on top of her head enough to bleed and make me think she had a concussion, she has trouble standing up, but not paralyzed in legs or wings. After a week in separation, she has not laid an egg, she is not bloated, normal stool, she's eating and drinking, but still having a bit of trouble standing. She literally wobbles, like a drunk person. I contacted a chicken breeder that I trust to see what she thought. She referred me to a vet that suggested either neurological Marek's, or egg peritonitis. From the symptoms I've researched for both, I honestly don't think she has either. My hubby says we should just euth her, burn the body and quarantine the rest of the flock. Any thoughts? Any other ideas besides Marek's or egg peritonitis? What should I do about the rest of my flock?

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