Wobbly, lethargic Polish chick

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    May 18, 2016
    My Polish chick will be 2 weeks old tomorrow and came to me from a feed store in good health. In the past couple of days she has developed a wobbly walk, using her wings to keep her balanced, and not eating/drinking as she did before. She also sleeps more. She does have spurts of getting around, eating & drinking, but then goes right back to laying down/sleeping under brooder light. How can I help her?
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    She could have sustained a head injury from another chick or be suffering from a vitamin deficiency.
    Do you have her with other polish or mixed chicks? Polish are often picked on due to their fancy crests that attract a lot of unwanted attention. With some polish having a vaulted skull part of their brain can be exposed and a peck in the right place can cause injury. Being wobbly and having to support herself with her wings would make me think of this in the first instance.

    I would separate her from the others to make sure she is getting her fill of food and water and start treating with vitamins. Polyvisol (non iron) or vitamin E and selenium can work wonders with them. Scrambled or hard boiled chopped eggs are also very good as they all the goodness and building blocks of life in them. If it's a head injury it can take some time to get them well agian.

    Good luck with your little polish :fl

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