woke up at 5 am by a haunting screaming noise outside GRAY FOX!


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Apr 9, 2007
We woke up to a high pitched high adrenaline hairball sort of noise only outside, with scuffling and screaming included. None of my chickens or ducks were sounding alarm sounds though and when we shined a bright flashlight out to see what was making the noise, we saw eyeballs staring at us from the next property over (an uninhabited, dilapidated barn property.) From looking up different sounds online, and talking to other folks around here, its either a Male Red Fox or a Fisher Cat. We've seen foxes around in the past, so I'm hoping its the same. But I was told that Fisher cats have been seen in the next township over from us (and that's just a quick trip over some RR tracks or through the woods....) I DO NOT want to ever see one of those here...my backyard would be screaming dinner to them w/ all of the chickens, ducks and my 2 new barncats.
Has anyone ever had a run in with them?
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when I hear a crazy high pitched scream (sounds sorta like a lady yelling) I immediately look someplace high for cougars n panthers
If it sounded like a blood curdling scream, perhaps almost child like in a high pitched terrifying sort of way. It may have been a rabbit.

Rabbit screams, to me are one of the worst sounds there are. Perhaps your glowing eyes had a rabbit dinner.

Twistedserpent apparently we were posting at the same time.
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Have you looked it up on YouTube? If it was a yodeling type sound, then it was a fox. I haven't ever heard a fisher cat (and hope I never do!), but have been woken up at 3 am from a fox outside my window. That's how I figured out we had a female mountain lion in heat living on our property!

Good luck!

I agree with a few other posters... If I hear a blood curdling scream aorund here it menas a sweet lil bunny just met its end... I swear with three of the deepest sleepers I know at my house , those lil suckers still wake us all up.....
sounds like a rabbit becoming somethings dinner heard that sound once woke me up I thought it was a injured child my DH had to tell me what it was it was right outside our window, my DD's cat had caught a wild one, never forget that sound.

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