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    I went to collect some eggs this morning, cause I almost had enough to start my incubator. So I was just going to get the newest few and begin. Well When I got in there, I noticed two broodies and two different nests decided today was the day they were going to start too! lol [​IMG] I love broodies.

    Problem was they were in the two favorite nest boxes, and my hens always climb in beside them and lay more everyday. So I gently picked up one and placed her beside the other broody in my large nest box which is several feet wide and long. She was fine with that, and I gave them golf balls to keep them occupied until I made sure they were serious.

    Well the moved broody got up and moved to a different nest box. (I blocked off her other one) so I picked her up and moved her again. She ran off, throwing a big fuss so I shut the coop door and left her alone.

    When I came back she was laying on the floor on the pile of dirty golf balls I threw out from her old box. So I picked her up again, and sat her back with the other hen. We did this several more times.

    ((Everytime the girl left the nest, the other hen would steal all her golf balls. lol And I would have to dig them out and sit her back in there))

    FINALLY she stayed. So after it got dark I snunk in and took all the golf balls out, and gave them all the eggs I had saved for my incubator. Finding out the other three hens had each laid an egg and given it to the 'good' broody.

    Raising the total they are sharing to 30 I believe. That seems like a lot. But these are large Brahamas. It seemed like they were covering them good enough, but it was dark. So I will check in the morning. I hope it's not too many. What does everyone else think?

    I put a screen over their box to keep the other hens out, and we will see if they are still going tomorrow. [​IMG]

    I LOVE Brahma broodies. They are very sweet and calm while I check under them and candle. I had a broody buff orp this year, and she was a devil. You couldn't get within 10ft of her box, or she would peck and bite, and growl, and grr.

    My good broody brahma died last year, so I am SOOO thrilled to know that her childern are carrying on her broodiness.

    Sorry for the long post, but I am so excited to have broody brahmas. Sweet little dears.
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    I love broodies too!!!

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