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    In the heart of Yellowstone National park are 4 packs of wolves: Netherlands,Springs,Stream,Foresters. Each pack has its weakness and advantages but somehow they must survive, for what lies in them are spirits of their elders that have been passed down from generations to generations… To find weaknesses and advantages is hard, if you will not succeed and put your differences aside then you will fair your elders and your offspring will not survive. Will you take the challenge and win? Or will you decide to not Survive?
    ~*~wolves of Yellowstone National Park~*~
    *All BYC rules apply
    *No Copying this RP
    *No cussing
    *keep RP PG
    *May have as many character's but keep track of e'm
    *Respect my rules if you have any good RP advice- I am all ears
    *Wolf Birthing and Mating- no further detail
    *Have Fun!!!

    Netherlands- these are wolves that live in the coldest part of Yellowstone, they survive mainly on Bison and elk all year-round. Food is plentiful and next moment its Scarce. But they dare not go into the water for fear of drowning

    Springs-- these wolves live in the best environment they have plentiful food in the spring and summer then in the winter they can't be picky. Sometimes winter is brutal for them.

    Stream- these wolves live on two sides of a stream, they are excellent swimmers and adapt well too the enemies that they face like: bears,Jackals,..


    Foresters- these wolves live in a thick dense forest which helps hide them from their enemies, they must be quick and agile so that their forest doesn't turn into a trap. Thankfully these wolves know where every tree is and when to turn.

    Alpha Male: He protects the pack from loners and is mainly the biggest wolf
    Alpha female: She is the only wolf aloud in the pack to have puppies
    Beta's: 2 per pack normally a pair, when the Alpha's aren't around or they died the beta's will be the new Alpha's
    Members: Unlimited they are what make up the pack
    Omega: Generally the lowest member in the pack, that wolf eats last and babysits the pups on hunts
    Pups: They are unlimited for they are the offspring of the pack and get full protection from predators
    Loners: These are male and Females who are generally kicked out by other packs, and are seeking out to start or join another one. Or they enjoy being alone.


    Member Page:
    Chat Thread:

    Name: Authur
    Age: 4
    Mate: None
    Offspring: None
    Pack: Springs
    Rank: Alpha Male
    Personality: Fast,agile,big,smart,sane,
    History: He was the oldest of his litter, his father and motor died and he became next in line
    Pic/description: See pic
    Family: None
    Username: Farm316
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