Woman banned for life from Walmart Stores in the US

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    Woman banned for life from all Walmart stores in the U.S.

    27/06/2011 2:32:00 PM

    by Monica Bugajski
    A heated argument between a customer and store staff - over coupons - has resulted in a woman from Idaho being banned from all Walmarts in America, for life.

    When Boise, Idaho extreme couponer April Cuevas discovered that her local Walmart had made changes to its "Ad-Match" policy (a policy in which the store matches the advertised prices of its competitors), she asked to speak to the manager so she could better understand why oh why they would ever commit such a grievous affront to her spendthrift ways. She also decided to video record the conversation on her iPhone.

    Ms. Cuevas claims that the conversation escalated to a full-blown argument and that the manager slapped the phone out of her hand, telling her to pay the full price or leave. Unsurprisingly, she left.

    On another trip to the store after the incident, Ms. Cuevas was pursued by a plainclothes Walmart employee in the parking lot who informed her that she had just committed a crime. Bewildered, Ms. Cueves called the local police who notified her that she had been banned not only from her local Walmart, but also from every other Walmart in the U.S. for life.

    Though Walmart has not yet commented on the issue, Ms. Cuevas believes the recording is what sparked the ban. She is mystified by what else she could have done wrong. Her husband is terrified that he too will be barred from the chain for speaking out against the retail giant.

    The couple, who reportedly shops at Walmart almost every day, says that in such a difficult economy they depend on the hundreds of dollars in savings they gain from the hundreds of coupons they collect, which they maintain in a special book divided into various categories. Ms. Cuevas is anxious to see this issue resolved because she really, really, really wants to continue shopping at the store.

    Now, I can't help but think that this ban may just be the best thing that has ever happened to Ms. Cuevas and her husband? The couple can spin this tale as much as they like as defending their God-given right to save, but it's plain as day to me that the real problem here goes a tad bit deeper.

    So, the couple claims to need the coupons to save money at the already ridiculously discounted chain, but here's a thought, maybe, just maybe if the couple didn't shop at Walmart every single day, then they would save even more money than they do with the coupons.

    The mere fact that Ms. Cuevas was driven to record her conversation with the store manager (has this happened before?) and the fact that she even owns a video-capable iPhone (not a coupon-able purchase) suggests that money saving isn't the real issue here. Have you ever tried taking a drink away from an alcoholic? Not a pretty sight.

    But in our culture, we are encouraged to buy, buy, buy, and although coupons can be advantageous, they are often just a way to get us hooked and keep us coming back time after time for just a little bit more. And yes, a shopping addiction is socially acceptable, yet the motive behind such destructive behavior is akin to that of, let's say, a shoplifter, hoarder, or compulsive eater. What's more, the consequences of such an addiction can be just as dire to the individual and the family. What happens when money runs out and the debt keeps pilling up?

    Ms. Cuevas's need to get the media involved leads me to assume that self-reflection isn't her strong suit and that she's sitting teetering on the brink. I'm not usually inclined to defend Walmart, but maybe this time the store is right.


    I'm curious to see what other peoples thoughts are on this article. I personally agree with Walmart, which is shocking, as I rarely have anything nice to say about the big box mart chain stores. Customer Service people don't deserve the amount of flak they get from customers and it seems like this lady was going over the line. I don't agree with a lifetime ban or with the smacking the phone out of the hand, but I do think that they had the right to ban her from that particular store for a long period of time.

    I'm all about pinching pennies in this economy and I don't have anything negative to say about couponers. I just think it's atrocious how people treat each other these days, trying to scrap every dime they can at the detriment to others whether by ripping them off or suing them. Retail people are people too!
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    I never have anything nice to say about Wal-Mart either. This just shows who your dealing with when it comes to them, it's all about the money not the customers.
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    Quote:That'd be my guess too...the biggest issue anyway.
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    What she did IS illegal. I think banning her from every walmart in the nation is a bit extreme though. Personally the only thing I like about wal mart is the pics online.
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    I don't blame Walmart for changing their policies on couponing. Some people are so drastic in their couponing that they get alot of stuff for nothing. They think it is all right but in the long run us consumers are the ones that pay the price with higher prices, and stricter rules on coupons. I use coupons to save money, but I am not the kind to take advantage and bring in a bunch of coupons for one thing and get them for nothing. I feel like if I am getting something I should pay for it.

    I do not like Walmart, I will go there to save money, but I feel like they have come so far from their original roots. They used to be about saving money, buying American, and helping out the community. Now they are all about the greed!
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    In Colorado you do NOT need permission to record a conversation you are a part of. You CAN'T record two other people having a conversation without their permission.
  8. Beth G.

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    Unfortunately, that is not true for every state. In CT you can record anyone in public except for minor's without their permission.

    I'm thinking there is more to this story than we are all being told.
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    double standard, don't you think? They film you every time you enter the doors and walk around the store without your permission. Where it is recorded at, is the fine line in determining whether the conversation was private or not. I mean if they had the discussion, out with other people standing nearby witnessing the conversation and confrontation (customers). That could hardly be considered a violation of privacy.

    She is caught between a rock and hard place, because while the store could be considered a public place, it is also considered private property. If the manager knew the conversation was being recorded, or even about to be recorded, the woman would have very likely been escorted to the door immediately anyway. No one, I'm sure in this situation would want the conversation recorded, especially if that person was in the wrong to begin with.

    When wiretap laws were written they didn't have cell phones with video and audio recordings then.
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    As you knOw I will side with Walmart and I can guarantee you that the recording is probably not the only thing she did to warrant being banned from every store in the country. She had to make a threat in order to be banned. Recording of customers is posted and you agree to being recorded each time you enter the store. When someone begins recording inside Walmart it is in a private place of business. She also did not ask permission to record the associates and customers in the store.

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