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    May 14, 2008
    We'll my 6 year olds first Tee ball practice has come and gone I got there just after it started because of work so my wife had to take him to practice. She calls me on the cell as I'm on my way:
    "Do you know where Jame's glove is?"
    "No, it should be in the playroom or the his bedroom."
    "Are you looking in the bedroom?"
    "No we're at practice."
    "He's at baseball practice without his glove??" (and he's a lefty)
    "Ok, where did you look so I can look elsewhere and I'll find it and bring it."
    "We didn't look I just didn't think about his glove when we left for practice".

    Soooooo she took him to baseball (tee ball) practice without a glove!!!!! I smiled right away (over the phone) and waited to laugh until I hung up! I didn't kid her about it either, but I'll have to tell my brothers later today when We're together at a family function- Right?? She's a terrific women and I'm lucky to have her- despite this horrific [​IMG] glove incident. Pretty lucky here- when work is a bear I just need think of my family and a smile comes to my face. Coming home to them at the end of the day is the best thing going! Sure hope I'm sitting in Kauffman Stadium some day with my son the mound to start his major league career and as he steps to the mound and looks down at his glove and up at his mom before toeing the rubber!! A dad can dream can't he!!! enjoy your day, Keystonepaul
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    Feb 25, 2009
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    My husband does this sort of thing constantly. Its maddening.

    At least I can count on him to bring home the bacon. Unless its really bacon like you'd eat from the store- because he'd either forget to bring it home or bring home chipped ham instead because he forgot what i said.

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    Aug 21, 2008
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    I was a T-ball coach for several years and I learned real quick to have extras with me in case one of my players forgot theirs. Luckily my older daughter was a lefty too so I had both gloves handy for those that forgot theirs. Those days were fun!!

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