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Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by newfoundland, Jan 8, 2013.

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  1. newfoundland

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    Jul 1, 2010
    The Church of England admitted women into the priesthood about 10 years ago. Recently, the General Synod, who govern the Church have voted that although they may be priests, women may not be Bishops. A mere handful of weeks later, they declare that gay men, who could also be priests, may become Bishops. No glass ceiling for them. Shades of George Orwell I think. We are all equal, but some are more equal than others. In the Church of England women really are the lowest form of life. That's my rant for what it's worth!
  2. thaiturkey

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    Feb 22, 2010
    I agree that there's something odd about what's been going on but I don't understand your reference to Orwell.

    Consider the nature of the beast. It was created by a King who wanted to divorce his wife but was refused permission by the Pope. That's not a good start for a Church. In addition to that and in common with a number of similar organisations, the C of E subscribes to a collection of ancient writings that condemn homosexuality as a grave sin and regard women as inferior to men. If you accept the writings of uneducated people from primitive times as literally true and rules by which to live today, then those prejudices are correct.

    Some church people are more enlightened than that. They see that society has developed and that ancient social rules need to be reviewed. Those ancient writings expressed rules for society for the benefit of primitive people who needed the added weight of a deity to accept them. Therein lies the dilemma for the C of E and others. Some members want the old literal interpretations of uneducated men to continue as rules for today and others want modern attitudes of society to be acknowledged. What we are seeing is an attempt at compromise by what seems to be a reluctant Church elite. It's been a power base for men and many in the congregation want that changed.

    The acceptance of homosexuals in the hierarchy isn't so much of a surprise. There have been homosexual vicars for as long as anyone can remember, despite the literal interpretation of the old scriptures. The church was a place where they could live their lives quietly and undiscovered during the times when homosexuality was illegal.

    Instead of fussing over this, the Church should deal with the greater scourge, paedophile clerics. The Roman Catholic Church is known to have and be still attempting to hide this huge problem within its own ranks but other Churches harbour paedophiles too. It's a disgrace that this scandal hasn't been fully exposed and dealt with.
  3. chickened

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    Oct 2, 2010
    western Oregon
    For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?

    1Peter 4:17
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    BYC highly discourages discussion on religion. We'll just end this before it goes any farther.

    Good to remember, this is a chicken forum, first and foremost.
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