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    Sep 13, 2012
    Hello fellow guinea owners. It's such a pleasure to read and enjoy all the threads posted here with great information and interesting stories. I have found that two of my favorit poster's, PEEPS-CA and JLEIGH have been very responsive to my inquires about these characters that I have. I have 6 but want another 20 or so more because they are so entertaining. I have two cats and one, Ode follows them around and they never seem to be offended when she strolls in between them and talks to them constantly. The other guy is a 30 lb rust colored land lover named Hudson who likes to lay down in front of the guineas and have some walk over him. He also chats with them constantly and I sure would like to know what they are communicating about and how they decided to live in harmony. My 100 lb German Shepard strolls with them also and although they are a little more cautious because of his size they will still graze a foot or so away from him. I guess the difference between animals and alot of humans is the anger and hatered humans manifest toward their fellow man and animals just adapt to their surrondings and environment.
    I just purchased a home in Mineral Bluff nw Ga. between Blue Ridge and Murphy NC . It's only 5 acres but 4 more than I have here in Orange Lake Fl. so I'll have room for more waddles. Now I can sell my home in the mountains near Charlottsville, Va. which is wonderful just to far to drive for a long weekend.
    Just read an interesting thread from rollyard about breeding and although I didn't understand everything said it certainly explores the possibilities of arranging the outcome of selective procreation. Alot like discovering the perfect orange, watermellon or tomato. I would like to know if anyone has seen or heard of a black guinea and how would you breed one. Perhaps cross a Royal Purple with a vulture? Well thanks to all the responders and threaders on this great site and enjoy your waddles,Highest regards,
    Breeze aka waddle watcher
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    Mar 28, 2011
    BFE, CA
    Congrats on your move Breeze, glad to read you will be able to have more Guineas.

    There are no pure black Guineas, but some people that are not familiar with all the different color/variety names call their Royal Purples black. Some lines of Royal Purples can be exceptionally dark, and even the Violets (the darkest non-pearled color/variety of Guineas) can be really dark as well... but never completely black (even the darkest are still considered Royal Purple or Violet). never black like a chicken, duck or turkey etc can be)

    LOL, I don't think crossing a Guinea with a vulture is possible. Plus Hybrids don't live as long as and are usually sterile...

    Keep us posed on any new additions to your flock.... and take some pics!
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    Sep 13, 2012
    Wondering how you keep up with all your many children. I bet your kind of like mother goose or was it mother hubbard, it's been a long time so I don't remember. I thought you of all posters would get a hoot from my anology with the vulture but if you think about how did vulturines come about. There is a stricking similarity between them and some breeds of vultures. Have you ever seen a waddle devour a dead frog or lizard? I have and it's very vulturistic. As always kindest regards, Breeze aka waddle watcher
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    Apr 19, 2012
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    Hey Breeze - I live in N GA in the foothills of the Blue Ridge. We're almost neighbors. I think you'll like it here - I sure do.

    I've looked at a TON of pictures of guineas and have never seen a black guinea. I've seen pictures of Royal Purples (like Peeps said) who are very dark, but they're still RPs. But who knows? Maybe if someone set about breeding for the dark, dark charcoal color they could get it, but I think it would take many generations of selective breeding.

    I'm going to be hatching this coming spring, so if you need a source for more guineas let me know. I have three Chocolate females, 1 Buff (or Buff Dundotte - not sure) and an unidentified "white" male (he's not a true White). I also have a pearl gray male that may be re-homed - he's on a "wait and see" status right now.

    All that is to say that I'm not doing any selective breeding. I just have colors I like and they're all in a pile and will do what comes naturally to them, so I can't predict what I'll hatch - except that they'll be guineas who eat ticks and make a lot of noise. :). Let me know if you're interested. Maybe we can exchange some eggs for keets, or vice versa.
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    Sep 13, 2012
    Hello again J. Not long ago I was trying to explain where I purchased the house in Ga. You told me you were in Dahlonega and thats not too far from Mineral Bluff. Back in the day of fine art I knew two guys that were from that area. One guy did large pencil drawings of trees and nature and I think he taught at a collage in the area and the other did fine art glass and his name is on the tip of my tongue but I can't get it out. I can see them both in my minds eye but can not get a handle. Wouldn't it be interesting if you knew either or both of them. Very rightous gentlemen and I did many art shows with them in the late 70's and early 80's. I won't be setting up any guinea habitation in Ga. just yet. I'm leaving mine with my momma in sw Va while I go to free union in Va. to finish and sell that house. She has about 17 and got an incabator for Christmas. Last year she gave away over 350 eggs but this year wants to sell keets so I'm trying to help her get started.

    Thanks for the responce and best regards. Breeze aka waddle watcher

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