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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Bleenie, Jun 15, 2010.

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    I went outside this morning after i did a little research to try and sex my Pekin/Rouen mutts. all but ONE of them started QUACKING!!! girl quacking! i was so happy! the boy is still very fluffy headed and is noticably fatter than the girls, i also heard a very soft 'rasp' once and i know it wasn't my Muscovy babies. He also has a VERY green bill while the girls are all black & yellow colored still. the boy seems to be the most mellow of the bunch too so it'll suck finding him a new home, but i am glad i have the girls a home already [​IMG]

    I have developed a bit of a fondness to the girls noise making lately and love hearing it in the morning (they sleep under my window at night). I guess it's a good thing i have 12 mutt babies in the brooder right now. [​IMG]

    raspy boy:

    a couple girls:

    group photo: Look at how fat they are!

    Sexy Duck, lol...this one always lays this way!
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    [​IMG] They're SO pretty! How old are they now?
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    I believe they are almost 6 week old now. The hens will have a home with the friend i got the 12 mutt babies from. she recently lost 2 hens because a gate was left open a few nights ago and something got them.

    She is giving me her big pekin boy to rehome and then all her other babeis once they hatch(something was getting them before). I think she'll be very happy with them, they've warmed up to me quite a bit and are friendlier than the other ones she has, she is just in love with the 4 scovies she got from me not long ago, lol.

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