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    Jun 21, 2007
    We stopped at a WONDERFUL [​IMG] restaurant on the way home from the Restoring Honor Rally Saturday in Washington, DC. (which was NOT political, BTW) The name was Cozy's in Maryland. It is a buffet, and Sat. nights is seafood. The food was EXCELLENT!!! I did not have one single thing that was not delicious. There was so much food, and such a variety!! It is in an historic building. I think the name of the town was Thurmont ? or Thurmond? Anyway, it was excellent, and I was very impressed. If you're in the area, try it, you'll like it!

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    I have heard of Cozy's before, but you are the first person I have encountered that went to Restore Honor. Tell me more! I am so jealous. If I were closer to the east coast I would have been there in heart beat!
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    aw man, I saw Jennh and I thought it was going to be a wonderful restaurant in NH. **pouting......**
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    How was the rally??
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    Quote:Totally off topic but I really want to know too! This is first person I have encountered that was there!
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    Well, I'm hoping that someone doesn't ruin this thread ;o(
    The rally was so awesome! About a minute before Glenn came out, a gaggle of geese arose from the reflecting pool, formed a PERFECT V formation, and flew right straight towards the Lincoln Memorial. The crowd went wild! Glenn called it his "miracle". It couldn't have been better planned . Sarah was awesome. Her speech was so uplifting. There was a soldier that had no hands. He gave out the three medals, one each for Faith, Hope, and Charity. He used his hooks to put the medals over their heads. That was a real tear jerker. Dr. Alveda King gave an awesome speech. There was a singer there that sang a beautiful song. I can't remember the name of it though. The singer was a black female. Such a beautiful, glorious voice. They had a soldier pray the ending prayer. He was, is, such an inspiration! He lost his face to a phosphorous bomb, which was 5,000 degrees. I think his name was Dan Roever, or something like that. Another amazing thing was the song Amazing Grace being played on the bagpipes. That gave me goosebumps. As did the gaggle of geese.
    One thing I noted on the way out was that there was NO litter! Everyone picked up after themselves. Also, I heard no swearing, saw no protests, just peaceful, God-loving people. It was an awesome day, one I will never forget.

    P.S. When Glenn came out, he opened his arms wide and said "build it and they will come". He had tears in his eyes, he was so touched by the million, not thousands, or tens of thousands of people who showed up!

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    Quote:How wonderful!!!! I have tears in my eyes. The no litter thing reminds me of where I live in the desert. A certain congresswoman is trying to get 1500 square miles of our precious desert designated a national reserve, which means we could no longer ride quads, camp, hike and collect rocks and minerals, etc. What kills me is that everyone here that ever frequents the areas they want to take away never leave a single scrap of trash anywhere. We residents take better care of desert than the state ever could.

    I really loved the whole premise of this rally, and I am very glad to hear your personal story!!!! I am also really heartened to hear that Dr. King was there. Supports my movement to get Al Sharpton to shut up. [​IMG]
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