wondering what breed/sex this is?


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Hello from Texas! I was at the TSC and bought 6 new chick. 3 are RIR pullets ( beautiful ) and 3 mystery strait runs. I was thinking my mystery chicks are barred rock, however I am wondering if anyone can tell if I have 3 new roo's? Also if you think they will be fine with my existing flock which consist of 2 peacocks, 1 peahen, 2 ducks, 3 RIR hens, 1 english game hen, 2 buff orp hens, 1 banty roo, 3 banty hens, and 3 RIR pullets. They are all very calm and actully I cannot even notice a pecking order they are all so happy. They also are very welcoming to newbies, even the baby chicks do not get picked on, only time they are noticed is when they get under one of the big guys feet, then the big guy will nudge them out of the way. All my flock gets to free range since we are in the country With exception with newbies having to stay in run until they are used to their new home. Anyways, if anyone can help me figure out what breed and sex these are I would be very grateful. If it turns out that I have 3 new roo's I will love them just as much and forbid they grow up and do not get along, I have many relatives here in the country I can rehome them with. Thank you, Kristin
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