Wondering what disease Killed my Chicken

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    Mar 8, 2010
    Hi all,

    On Saturday AM, I went to let the girls down from their house, and I noticed about 10 minutes later that one of them was still laying (this is very odd behavior - they always roost, never lay on the ground) on the floor of the coop. She eventually made it down out of the house that day. A few hours later, I went to get the eggs, and noticed she was laying on the ground, next to the water dish. I went to pick her up (this is only the second time she has let me pick her up) and there was no hesitation whatsoever - this was at 4PM. I started piping her water - but had to manually open her mouth.

    Her poop was very runny - a mostly white film with a tinge of green. I observed her gasping for air repeatedly - repeatedly opening her mouth and shutting it. I also noticed that her crop seemed very bloated - and her skin seemed very loose - not taught like normal. I set her aside and went out every 20-30 mins to give her water - she didn't want to touch the food. Not really knowing what to do, I made her comfortable and was planning to go to our feed store on Sunday (they were already closed for Saturday) to get some meds. Sunday AM, she was dead. Iguess if I learned something, it is to have some meds on hand before this stuff comes up.

    I have been readin up on Marek's Disease, but these girls are about 14 months old. I am now concerned that the other one will become ill. Any ideas?


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