Won't leave the coop.

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    I have 10 hens and one rooster of various breeds and 2 of them are EE that are a year and a half old. One of the EE will not leave the coop. She is not broody I never see her in a nest box. When I go out to the coop she is either up on a roost or moving around on the floor. This morning I went out to the coop to open up for them. She was running around with all of the others. I opened the pop door and all of the others ran out but she stayed behind. This has been going on for at least a month now, perhaps longer. I thought maybe it was because I had three roosters, two of them being young and wanting to jump on any girl that that the could. I rehomed the two young roosters a week ago but she still does not come out even when the others are out free ranging.

    Should I leave her alone or go in, carry her out and put her with the others?
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    I think that eventually she may see the "light" and mosey outdoors, but that is a longer period than mine took to make the leap. Mine balked at the open grass for 6-8 days but finally all went outside. Maybe she is being bullied or intimidated in some fashion and finds it quieter and less stressfull in the coop. Have you noted any other birds picking on her or being violent at all with her? Just thinking out loud. Hope she takes the plunge!
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    Could she be getting picked on? Chickens can be pretty cruel to each other.

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