Won't Stop Crying!?!?!?


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Oct 15, 2007
I am about to lose my mind!!! I have a chick that is about three or four days old, and it will not stop crying! CONSTANTLY crying, I'm losing sleep! I haven't seen it eat or drink, but it is loud and gets around fine. I thought maybe it was cold; last night I centered the light right over its little box and it quit crying, but back at it today.

It is in a box with a duckling, and they get along fine. The duck snuggles right up to the chick. It doesn't hurt it or anything, and usually just ignores it.

So what is this chick's deal!?
Gosh, that makes me feel horrible.
I will try to find a feather duster or something. I have two chicks, but they are a month old, I was afraid they'd pick at it. I'm trying to rehome the chick, it was from an egg someone put in the bator without telling me...
I gave my five a plush toy, about the size of a small cat. They loved it! It was my DD's and she left for college. lol, guess my nest isn't empty anymore.
my chicks have 11 of each other AND a duckling and they keep me awake at night so I have to let them sleep WITH me...yeah.... im addicted
One of my 3 turkeys kept crying all the time when I first got them. He would quiet down for a couple hours then be back at it at all times of day or night. I He was eating and drinking and then after 3 days he died. Sometimes there is just something wrong from birth that can't be helped.
Hopefully, yours is just lonely! Mirrors, featherdusters, ticking clocks, hot water bottles, and stuffed toys are all things that can be used to comfort babies of many species.

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