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Woo Hoo, finally baked a great home grown!

Discussion in 'Meat Birds ETC' started by Tracydr, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. For some reason, I haven't been able to get my home grown Cornish X to come out tender and delicious, not as good as I'm able, anyway. Especially baked. I'm not sure if it's because they've been so darn big or if because the previous batch was grown during the heat of AZ summer but I've had issues with slight chewiness, toughness, a bit of dryness when I try to cook long enough to remove the chew and not being able to cook the bird evenly. Of course, recipes such as chicken soup have been wonderful but we really live baked chicken around here.
    Well, I just butchered the first bird from my fall batch, grown at optimal temps. This bird had less internal fat than my summer birds, maybe because he was a roo and all my summer birds were pullets? But, he was a monster, live weight over 9 pounds at 9 weeks.
    Bird was rested 24 hours in a ziploc bag, no brine. Frozen one week and defrosted.
    I baked him with my "beer in the butt" gadget, which is basically a gizmo that you pour some beer and spices or garlic cloves into, it allows the fat to drip onto a tray and steams the cavity with beer. You can do the exact same thing with a beer can and a pan. Rubbed the bird with herbs, garlic powder, seasoned salt and some Korean chile powder. Inserted an onion and lemon (quartered) into the upper part of its massive cavity. Put him on the beer stand with some beer and garlic cloves inside.
    Baked about an hour at 325. Had to lower my rack to the bottom of the oven, due to his size. When the thighs were almost done, the breast was not done. I took the bird out and laid him breast down on a baking dish, baked another 30 minutes. Then, flipped over, 10 minutes at 425 to crisp the skin. Internal temp was 165 after resting, thighs a little hotter.
    This bird was so juicy and delicious, probably the best baked chicken I've ever made! Breast was juicy and tender. I don't eat white meat and I loved the breast this time. The dark meat was amazing!
    Anyway, just wanted to remind anyone or mention to those who've never used it, of the beer in the butt method. I forgot I even had the little gadget. It works great on the grill, too.

  2. CheekyMare

    CheekyMare Songster

    Congratulations! Sounds delish!
  3. wyoDreamer

    wyoDreamer Crowing

    Nov 10, 2010
    Thank you for the info.

    I just bought a Beer-in-the-but gizmo and was wondering if it would work on a home grown bird. I wasn't sure if it would let the bird dry out too much during baking.
    Thank you for the advice.
  4. I put a bit of foil over the shoulders to keep the top of the breast from overcooking and used my convection setting. Darn thing was so tall, I had the rack on the lowest spot and he was nearly touching the top!

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