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Jun 8, 2014
I'm a week in brooding 6 baby chicks I picked up from Rural King. At first I had them in a large Rubbermaid tote but they seemed to quickly out grow that. Now I have them in a Pack and Play. In the tote I had pine chips but they knocked them everywhere! So with the pack and play, I started with puppy pads, but that smelled so bad just after a day. So now I'm back to pine chips in their water and food bowls. Are there any options I'm overlooking? I cannot wait for it to be warm enough for them to go outside!!!!
We have 6 baby chicks too and yes they stink! I make them a pin to stay in by putting boxes together bc The prev box they was jumping out of and I read somewhere about using newspaper. So I've been doing that and it's helping alot!
I have mine in the coop with a heat lamp. As long as you can create a spot draft free, predator free, and keep that spot at a constant temp 90 for first week, then they can go outside. Nipple system decreases shavings in waterer.
I have a tiered system. Newbies go in a box, wait 2 weeks, move to next box (more newbies go into first box), wait 2 weeks, everyone moves again, then 1 week later the original batch goes outside with a lamp.... soooo, five weeks and they get the boot.
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Elevate your feeder and waterer on bricks or 2x4s, something around that height. Keep raising them up as the chicks grow. When your birds are grown, you'll want your feeder about the height of their backs. This will cut down on bedding in the feeder, and reduce waste from the feeder.
I put my chicks' waterer up on a 2x4 piece and it has helped a lot. I still pick some shavings out, but it's not chock full every time like it had been.
I tried putting the water up on a brick. Getting pine shavings everywhere must be their superpower! The hanging waterer looks promising! I'll have to give that a try!

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