Wood chips in chicken run?

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    So I just switched my chicks to their coop and I have wood chips at the bottom of their run... Can I keep woodchips in their? Should I scrape them out and put grass in? I also have a few rocks in their but they are not small enough to eat.
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  2. I Love Layers

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    I would definently scrape the wood chips out and put grass or leaves in! They will eat less feed if they have something to scratch through all day.
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    Ok. What type of grass it leaves would you recommend putting in?
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    Wood chips can mean different things to different people -- are you talking about shavings (such as used to bed brooders and coops), larger bark dust pieces used in landscaping, wood mulch or something else entirely?
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    Just out of your yard, or if you're planting just go out amd bu some seed

  6. AZchickens17

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    Ok:) Thanks
  7. Actually the best thing for chickens is a combination of many materials, that they will mostly mix for you. IMHO, no need to remove wood chips! Plenty of people use them. But yes, add grass clippings, pine cones, leaves and so on. It will become lovely compost and keep the chickens entertained plus yummy stuff hides in there for them to eat.

    Not sure if I am misunderstanding but if you are thinking of PLANTING grass in their run, don't unless you use something like a salad bar (do a search for this). The chickens will never let the grass grow....
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    Ok. I haven't taken the wood chips out because they seem to enjoy it. I am mowing my lawn sometime soon and will throw some grass clippings in there along with some leaves from my plants. They seem to enjoy it[​IMG]
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    The wood chips will also help keep the ground cool, especially if you water it down every few days. When summer hits, my chickens dig down and lay in the cool dirt in the heat of the day.

    You have shade for part of your run?

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    I highly advise against throwing the grass clippings in there. You have to be very careful with clippings. If it is small short pieces, a little bit will be ok (make sure you provide them chick grit), but for chicks or even juveniles longer pieces can be deadly. I never put chicks on hay because of losing them to crop blockages. Grass can do the same. It winds up in a ball in their crop and wont move and they are basically blocked from nutrition and will starve to death. Blockages in growing birds can happen anywhere along their digestive system, but usually ends up in the crop. So, don't be generous with the grass clippings and make sure it is short enough to not wind up in them. And provide grit.

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