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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by brandik1985, May 27, 2017.

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    Yesterday I got a call that 9 mallard ducklings were found wondering a yard a mile from the lake. The family that found them caught them but left them in a box out side in hopes the mom would come back. She never did. I work with a local rehaber with water foul. I have have raised many domesticated/pet ducks for myself and raised and released many mallard ducklings. Now you know my back story, I'll get to the point :) I am pretty sure these are wood ducks, not mallards due to the line on their eye doesn't cross through. When I first picked them up, they were peeping non stop. I figured they were cold and hungry. Since I've had them they have been under a warm lamp with a water dish and food with dry crumbles and a mush with crumbles and chopped carrots. These ducklings are still peeping almost not stop. With mallards the ducklings were always content with these same conditions. I could see if I only had one, but there are 9! Any other suggestions?

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    I think they are wood ducklings too! Weldon for saving them!
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    Do you have a small pen? Maybe they want to be in the grass. My son put together a 5X5 wood pen (one side covered for shade) with the top of the birdbath inside so they could play in the water and that worked pretty well for the goslings. I still bring them in at dusk and cover their container with a sheet to quiet them and they sleep all night.

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